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Features of IBM Operational Decision Manager

Intuitively capture and express decision logic

Bring no-code decision modeling to business users. Empower them to describe how decisions are made, prototype and try them before going into production.

Built-in testing and simulation

Testing and simulation capabilities help users validate business logic against well-defined usage scenarios and key performance indicators.

Flexible cloud deployment options

The solution is available in a Cloud Express version, designed for organizations that need less-complex applications with lower transaction volumes.

Simplicity and ease of management

Take advantage of interfaces that enable you to quickly author, develop and test decision models.

Role-based permission management

The solution enables virtually anyone to participate in authoring, updating, deploying and managing the rules.

Built-in governance process

Scale business decisions using built-in governance and change management capabilities.

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Available as part of IBM Cloud Pak

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Includes AI-powered capabilities, a common UI, and low-code tools.


Get task automation, workflow orchestration and more.


With modular pricing, you only pay for what you need.

IBM Operational Decision Manager on IBM Z®