Try IBM Operational Decision Manager

Experience the full ODM capability

Evaluate the full capability of IBM Operational Decision Manager on the cloud.

IBM Operational Decision Manager enables you to externalize business logic from applications in the form of rules. With this trial you can author, manage and run business rules and experience the full capabilities of IBM Operational Decision Manager.

What you can do: 

– Author rules with rule flows and decision models.

– Run unlimited decisions for evaluation.

– Manage the full lifecycle of rules with advanced testing and simulation.

Try IBM Decision Composer

Experience the streamlined decision-modeling capability

IBM Decision Composer enables you to try the decision-modeling capability of IBM Operational Decision Manager. Learn how to author and validate business rules within minutes and demonstrate the value of decision automation within your business. 

What you can do: 

– Author rules with decision models.

– Run up to 1,000 decisions per month.

How does this relate to my role?

Enterprise architect

Deliver business agility to your line-of-business applications. Manage the overall integration of IBM Operational Decision Manager into your existing application infrastructure.

Business analyst

Use low-code tools to author, update, test, simulate and deploy decision services.


Integrate decision services into your applications by way of REST or SOAP. Customize object models for easier use by business analysts.

Evaluate IBM Operational Decision Manager on Docker

Author. Update. Simulate. Test. Deploy.

IBM Operational Decision Manager is also available as an all-in-one Docker image.

See it in action

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For business users: How to automate decisions in an online loan application scenario

See how you can quickly create and update decisions, and then run a simulation before deployment to test decision behavior.

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Decision Automation Made Simple

See how IBM Decision Composer can simplify how business rules are modeled, authored, shared, tested and executed within enterprise applications, while helping you handle everyday tasks.

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For developers: Get started with IBM Operational Decision Manager

See how to quickly download and install IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers. Manage and update a decision service with business rules, then invoke that service to automate decisions.