Open Enterprise SDK for Go features

Bring Go to z/OS

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Bring a powerful framework for building fast and scalable applications to z/OS®, with the facility to write applications in support of cloud infrastructures. Take advantage of the colocation of your data and existing applications on IBM Z® to increase throughput and reduce response time. You can control which data will be exposed externally, while keeping all of your proprietary data secure inside the IBM Z platform.

Go has emerged as the language of choice for many cloud native operations. It forms the foundation for container orchestration such as Kubernetes, containerization technology such as Open Container Initiative, and container application platforms such as OpenShift. Its capabilities and widespread use make it a natural addition to z/OS as it continues to advance and support application modernization.

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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is available at no license charge. Obtain the no-charge SDK for z/OS now and get started quickly.

Access the Go Standard Library

Go offers an extensive set of standard libraries and additional third-party packages, including highly used programming tasks in areas like string operations, cryptology, archiving, mail operations, Unicode encoding and decoding, math routines, networking, error manipulation, operating system interfaces, and other popular functions. These packages encourage code reuse.

Get additional packages using Go modules

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In addition to the standard library, there is a growing collection of freely available packages from the Go community. These modules are accessible from the Golang community website, and developers can make reuse of them to fulfill common programming tasks, shorten development times and reduce costs. The continued contribution of modules from the community ensures a steady stream of new libraries and tools.

Take advantage of open source

Originally from Google, Go is now open source and is continually being improved by the open source community. Go boasts an ever increasing and passionate community of coders and enthusiasts who have driven its development and support. Its ongoing refinement helps ensure that Go solutions are as mature as possible. This community also contributes numerous additional modules to the Go collection of packages.

Get Value Unit-based pricing

Value Unit pricing for eligible IBM Z IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA) programs enable a lower cost of incremental growth and enterprise aggregation, with resulting price benefits for you.

Support for access to VSAM data sets

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The support for the Go recordio module provides capability of direct access to VSAM data sets so that you can access their existing VSAM record data more easily. Operations are implemented through the z/OS Language Environment interfaces without any requirement to call C from Go. Inputs and outputs from these operations are uniform byte slices, which eliminates the need for error-prone size specifications.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • z/OS V2R4, or later
  • IBM z/OS UNIX System Services must be enabled on systems on which IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is run

Hardware requirements

  • IBM Z servers that support z/OS V2R4 (5650-ZOS), or later
  • Required hard disk space is minimum 850 MB