What IBM Open Data Analytics can do for your business

IBM® Open Data Analytics for z/OS® integrates key open-source analytics technologies with advanced data access and abstraction services. The solution is designed to simplify data analysis. It combines open-source run times and libraries with analysis of z/OS data at its source, to reduce data movement and increase the value of insights gained from leveraging current data.


Gain higher value insights

Incorporate a wide variety of current data on and off z/OS, to reduce latency of insights and derive higher value from analytics.

Reduce costs

Bring analytics to the data by leveraging open-source technologies and reducing costly extract-transform-load (ETL) processes.

Enjoy flexible adoption

Integrate data across a heterogeneous environment using modern analytic capabilities commonly used by data scientists everywhere.

Simplify data analytics

Leave your data right where it resides, and use common analytics programming languages and open source technologies.

Secure data access

Protect business data with IBM Z systems crypto cards, which zero out when tampered with. Encrypt your data and analyze it at the source of origin.

Improve interoperability

Benefit from integration with enterprise business applications. Provides unique capabilities to persist and share insights via standard interfaces.

IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS features

  • Simplify development
  • Implement a range of algorithms
  • Federate analytics with unified access to data
  • Accelerate analytics results