IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS highlights

Monitor processor usage

IBM® OMEGAMON® for z/OS® provides detailed processor performance information for both the monitored system and incumbent address spaces. Understand and manage high consuming tasks to avoid capacity constraints at peak business times. Improve task efficiency by diagnosing program code times that an address space consumes on the processor. Enhance productivity by utilizing advanced alerting and get informed before a capacity or possible looping task condition occurs.

Validate service classes are meeting goals

IBM® OMEGAMON® for z/OS® provides insights into workload capacity metrics, with visualization, to validate that performance goals are being achieved. Use the product's supplied views to understand which resources a service class is using and its impact on overall performance. Increase system availability by finding problems before they become system outages.

Locate enqueues across your sysplexes

Understand the impact of global enqueues across the sysplex and on the individual system. Be informed when an enqueue is starting to impact a service and take automated remedial actions to return a service back to expected levels.

IBM OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 user interface

A color-coded view throughout multiple sysplexes centralizes visibility. A single view of IBM z/OS and subsystems simplifies and speeds monitoring and management. You can move between different z/OS components to provide a common look and feel of command and control conditions. Improve productivity by simplifying the work required to monitor and manage the mainframe.

Observe common storage usage by address space

Avoid system outages by monitoring active address space Common Storage Area utilization and get alerted when a constraint has been identified.

Manage bottlenecks and looping tasks

IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS provides Systems Programmers an overview of all Address Space workloads as well as the execution states. Utilize the Address Space bottleneck and Impact Analysis workspaces to determine which execution states, such as waiting for resources CPU, are impacting system performance goals.

Simplified installation, configuration and maintenance

With the simplified setup and configuration features of IBM OMEGAMON® software, you can decrease the number of parameters and jobs needed to perform maintenance and reduce errors and maintenance time windows.

Technical details

Software requirements

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Hardware requirements

No hardware requirements are specified for IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS.