Managed DNS
Improve resilience and simplify authoritative DNS management with a global anycast network
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IBM® NS1 Connect Managed DNS service delivers resilient, fast, authoritative DNS connections to prevent network outages, and keep your business online, all the time.

We expect a lot from applications, services and content on the internet. Users assume online connections will always be on, fast and secure. The NS1 Connect Managed DNS service gives you the capabilities you need to delight customers and ensure that revenue keeps flowing.

Benefits Ensure reliability and resilience

Keep your business running with 100% uptime SLA1 and redundant protections against service deprecation. The native redundant DNS, constant monitoring and automated failover systems of NS1 Connect deliver the high availability you require.

Optimize network performance

Deliver applications, services and content with the performance your users expect. The NS1 Connect global network and sophisticated traffic steering technology provide highly customizable options to meet your users’ performance expectations.

Simplify DNS management

Spend your time on more important things than dealing with intricate DNS configurations. With NS1 Connect's user-friendly platform and robust API, you can keep your day-to-day operations manageable.

DNS that does more than just work 100% uptime SLA on DNS resolution

NS1 Connect’s resilient network delivers the always-on1 authoritative DNS service you need.

Global anycast network

Our global footprint of 26 anycast point of presence (PoP) locations provide fast connections wherever your users are.

DDoS overage protection

Cap your query-based spending with protection against unexpected surges in traffic from distributed denial-of-service attacks.

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Protect the integrity of your DNS traffic, without the hassle of manually configuring DNSSEC.

Secure access and controls

Receive support for standard single sign-on (SSO) platforms, two-factor authentication, audit logs and role-based access control.

What sets NS1 Connect apart
API-first architecture Integrate and automate every NS1 Connect function with the power of our well-documented API. Designed with simplicity in mind, our API ensures that you can effortlessly harness the full potential of NS1 Connect, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Explore feature

GSLB and RUM-based traffic steering Balance loads at a global scale and reduce latency with near-real-time device performance data. NS1 Connect empowers you to optimize your network resources by distributing and responding to changing conditions worldwide. This ensures peak performance, minimal delays and a seamless interaction with your services. Explore feature

Rapid DNS propagation

Experience the unparalleled speed and efficiency of NS1 Connect as you see your DNS changes take effect across the global network in seconds, not minutes. With our cutting-edge technology, your updates are delivered swiftly and seamlessly, ensuring that your online presence remains agile and responsive to your needs.

Health check monitors

Maintain consistently exceptional user experience with NS1 Connect’s automated traffic steering capabilities. By seamlessly diverting traffic away from unavailable or underperforming resources, our platform ensures that your users always enjoy a smooth and reliable interaction with your services.

Expert-level support

Receive top-tier support from our dedicated and knowledgeable customer success and support teams. With our proactive approach, you can count on superior and timely hands-on service that ensures your every need is met. Our team is committed to delivering the highest level of assistance, every step of the way.

The IBM NS1 Connect network
Global performance with anycast DNS NS1 Connect is powered by a global anycast DNS network which leverages traditional colocation, established hosting providers, eyeball networks, and major recursive DNS providers. In addition to utilizing transit from the best Tier 1 providers in each region, NS1 Connect uses dozens of smaller NSPs and major peering exchanges to find the best available DNS connection. On top of this global anycast network, NS1 Connect also operates a separate unicast network specifically to handle traffic in China’s mainland. Explore DNS for China
PoP locations

Toronto, ON, Canada

New York City, NY, USA

Ashburn, VA, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Miami, FL, USA

Chicago, IL, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Seattle, WA, USA

San Jose, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bogota, CO

Sao Paulo, BR

London, UK

Marseille, FR

Amsterdam, NL

Frankfurt, DE

Bucharest, RO

Johannesburg, ZA

Chennai, IN

Tokyo, JP

Hong Kong, HK

Singapore, SG

Sydney, AU

Helsinki, FI

Paris, FR

A network that exceeds expectations Experience the benefits of a high-performing global network with our Managed DNS solution. We take the complexity out of DNS management, offering you a robust, reliable and efficient system that ensures your online services are always available¹ and responsive, no matter the location of your users.   3.6 trillion queries per month

NS1 Connect seamlessly handles trillions of DNS queries each month, ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation of online services.

21 ms

Our DNS infrastructure consistently delivers exceptional performance with an impressively low average global response time of 21ms for DNS responses.

26 PoPs

We have strategically established a network of point of presence locations across 6 continents to help deliver top-tier connection performance.

Resources IBM NS1 Connect

Learn more about this premium SaaS solution for managed authoritative DNS and DNS traffic steering with a global network of 26 points of presence (PoPs).

How NS1 ensures seamless DNS migrations

Learn how to perform seamless DNS migrations without downtime, for an authoritative DNS that meets your business needs.

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