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Simplify HTTPS redirects by managing every element through a single platform.

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IBM NS1 Connect makes HTTPS redirects easy by allowing you to manage URL redirects, security certificates and DNS configurations in one place.

Everyone who visits your website or uses your online application expects that it will be secure by default.  Unfortunately, delivering that security through HTTPS connection can be an operational headache—especially if your team is often asked to set up URL redirects.

When you’re using spreadsheets or home-grown solutions to cross-reference DNS configurations and security certificates, your ability to produce agile web content can slow down the version of your site to a crawl.  Wouldn’t you rather manage all the elements of HTTPS redirects in one place?

IBM® NS1 Connect® brings together everything you need for various types of redirects into our powerful DNS management platform so you can focus on parameters that really matter:  delivering amazing, secure use cases and experiences.

Making HTTPS redirects easy with IBM NS1 Connect

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Benefits Simplify web page operations

Stop managing HTTPS security certificates separately from your DNS configurations and URL redirects.

Improve service to internal customers

Process HTTPS redirect requests faster, keeping your web servers, website and application operations running at the speed of your business.

Improve security

Make HTTPS redirects as easy to use as standard HTTP redirects, increasing adoption.

Certificate management

Automatically manage your SSL/TLS certificates leveraging Let’s Encrypt.

Zone transfer support

Transfer zones between NS1 and secondary providers, even when they contain HTTPS site records.

Import and export redirect files

Upload CSV files of HTTPS records to be redirected, download files of current redirected domains.

Reporting and logs

Analyze redirect traffic volume and view the raw logs of redirect response and activity.

Use Cases Secure branded URLs

Add security to the easy-to-remember, search engine-friendly HTTPS URLs that your marketing and sales teams use with customers.

Simplify website migrations

Easily manage large-scale HTTPS redirects when you update or migrate your website architecture.

Parked domains

Simplify management of parked domains at scale while adding HTTPS security.

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