DNS observability
Use DNS data to quickly identify misconfigurations and security issues
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Quickly identify misconfigurations and security issues with customized, real-time reports based on DNS observability data from IBM® NS1 Connect DNS Insights.

Authoritative DNS data is a rich source of intelligence on application performance and potential security threats. The challenge is cutting through the noise to find the early signs of a DDoS attack, performance-impacting misconfigurations, and inadvertent data exposures that really matter.

NS1 Connect provides relevant DNS data in real time, giving you the information you need to close security vulnerabilities and improve application performance. NS1 Connect does more than just send you a bunch of raw logs to sift through. The reports are curated and customizable, so you only see the metrics that matter to your business.

What you can do Find root causes, fast

Investigate the origin of latency, outages and failed connections with relevant insights from DNS and related data streams.

Perform regular health checks

Stay one step ahead of network issues by tracking NXDOMAINs, keeping an eye on geographic and ASN traffic patterns, and setting up alerts for unusual activity.

Reduce incident response times

Move from investigation to action quickly with easy-to-navigate dashboards and OpenTelemetry connections to data analysis platforms.

Focus on the data that matters

Stop sorting through terabytes of irrelevant information and focus on DNS infrastructure data that actually improves application performance and security.

Eliminate blind spots

Solve the app performance mysteries and DNS traffic patterns that you can’t explain, including spikes in NXDOMAIN responses.

Related use cases Network resilience and uptime

Keep revenue-generating apps and websites online all the time with resilient, reliable DNS connections.

Global server load balancing

Balance network traffic all the way out to end user devices using insights derived from real-user monitoring (RUM) data.

Application performance optimization

Steer DNS traffic to the highest performing, most available endpoints to ensure the best end-user experience for your applications.

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