Anycast Network

Keep users reliably connected with a network designed to provide capacity and speed at a global scale.

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IBM® NS1 Connect® is powered by a global anycast DNS network with 26 point of presence (PoP) locations on 6 continents—providing fast connections for users across the world.

In addition to using transit from the best Tier 1 providers in each region, NS1 Connect uses dozens of smaller NSPs and major peering exchanges to find the best available DNS connection. On top of this global anycast network, NS1 Connect also operates a separate unicast network specifically to handle traffic in China’s mainland. The network uses traditional colocation, established hosting providers, eyeball networks and major recursive DNS providers.

Benefits Global scale capacity

NS1 Connect seamlessly handles trillions of DNS queries each month. Meet business changes with a DNS network that scales up or down as you need it—wherever you need it.

Blazing fast performance

Our DNS infrastructure consistently delivers exceptional performance with industry-leading global response times.

Global anycast network
Deliver reliable connections at a global scale We have strategically established a network of point of presence locations across 6 continents, which are designed to deliver top-tier connection performance.
Optimize performance for the Chinese Mainland NS1 Connect also operates a separate unicast network on the Chinese Mainland to deliver faster, more reliable connections for end-users. Learn more

PoP locations

Toronto, ON, Canada

New York City, NY, USA

Ashburn, VA, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Miami, FL, USA

Chicago, IL, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Seattle, WA, USA

San Jose, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bogota, CO

Sao Paulo, BR

London, UK

Marseille, FR

Amsterdam, NL

Frankfurt, DE

Bucharest, RO

Johannesburg, ZA

Chennai, IN

Tokyo, JP

Hong Kong, HK

Singapore, SG

Sydney, AU

Helsinki, FI

Paris, FR

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