Managed DNS for China
Get a 3x performance boost for your users in the Chinese mainland
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Graphic showing Managed DNS for China POPs connecting to the rest of the world through NS1 Connect Managed DNS

Deliver faster, more reliable connections for end-users on the Chinese mainland with Managed DNS for China.

Keeping your end-users in the Chinese mainland reliably connected to your applications, websites, and services comes with a unique set of challenges. Ensuring speed and performance requires an authoritative DNS that’s purpose-built for the region—requiring development that could be a time-consuming, costly and complex challenge for your in-house team.

Managed DNS for China delivers 3x faster connections for users in China’s mainland. Our Nameserver Acceleration capabilities enable you to optimize traffic routing for a superior end-user experience and response times, while taking into account the region’s unique network infrastructure. Managed DNS for China is delivered through the same portal as your other IBM NS1 Connect solutions to streamline DNS management for your team.

Benefits Optimize performance for the Chinese mainland

Manage all public-facing websites, applications and services under one global domain name without the performance problems that often occur when internet traffic attempts to connect with a server outside of China. Our unique Nameserver Acceleration® capabilities help ensure that DNS queries crossing in and out of the region are steered through the optimal endpoint for an excellent user experience.

An application delivery footprint that scales with your business

Scale your digital presence in the Chinese mainland without the cost, time and complexity it would take to build out the required infrastructure to separate traffic at the country level on your own. Our global DNS infrastructure features four unicast points of presence (PoPs) in the region so you can begin to provision DNS services as soon as you subscribe to Managed DNS for China.

One portal for all of NS1 Connect

Control your Managed DNS for China setup from the same portal that you use for your Managed DNS and any other solutions delivered to you by NS1. Our cloud portal features role-based access controls, a robust API, and ecosystem integrations to simplify management of authoritative DNS for your application delivery and networking teams.

Features Unicast network for the Chinese mainland

Our fully managed, authoritative DNS network includes four unicast PoPs on the Chinese mainland which handle local traffic exclusively.

Rapid DNS propagation

When you make DNS updates in Managed DNS for China, those updates are pushed to our edge nodes in China within seconds.

Fast DNS response

Response times for DNS queries originating in China are 3x faster than other globally managed and cloud-based authoritative DNS providers.

Nameserver acceleration

DNS queries originating in China are answered by our unicast nameservers located in China; queries originating from outside the Chinese mainland are answered by our global anycast DNS infrastructure.

Unified cloud management

Managed DNS for China sits alongside your primary Managed DNS network, making it simple to configure and manage all global DNS zones, records and traffic management policies from a single cloud portal and API.

Industry-leading features

Includes the same features you know and rely on from IBM NS1 Connect Managed DNS, including granular control over traffic routing, robust monitoring, data feeds and third-party integrations.

How to buy

Managed DNS for China is an optional add-on to NS1 Connect Managed DNS. Talk to an IBM expert to learn more about pricing, or check out our pricing and plans page for more information.

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Deliver faster, more reliable connections for end-users on the Chinese mainland with Managed DNS for China. Get a customized demo or explore more pricing options.

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