Noname Advanced API Security for IBM
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IBM is partnering with Noname Security to deliver advanced API protection

APIs play a critical role in driving transformation by facilitating the integration of software applications and systems, allowing for seamless exchange of data. This has led to an explosion in the usage of APIs, with a recent survey showing the average organization has 15,564 APIs in use, and a growth rate of 201% over the past 12 months.¹

However, with the growing prevalence of APIs comes increased opportunities for security-related issues, especially when APIs are not properly managed or secured. This includes attacks by malicious actors to exploit API vulnerabilities, a top attack vector for web applications. While API gateways and web app firewalls provide a level of security, many industries and companies are starting to require additional security capabilities tailored to their APIs to outsmart the threat actors of tomorrow.

IBM, a leader in API management and application gateways, is partnering with Noname Security, a leader in API security, to deliver advanced API security capabilities. This joint solution will help you reach new levels of security confidence.

Benefits Find API security issues faster

Intelligently identify and prioritize potential vulnerabilities. Remediate manually, semi-automatically or fully-automatically.

Discover the unmanaged 

Catch vulnerabilities and issues earlier, and prioritize based on impact to reduce remediation costs.

Ensure compliance

Continuously monitor for compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards and internal policies.

See through the noise

Conduct real-time traffic analysis with automated AI and machine learning detection, and use automated remediation to stop attacks in real time.

Prevent vulnerabilities from reaching production

Find and remediate API vulnerabilities, such as the OWASP Top 10, during the development cycle with automated and comprehensive API testing

Capabilities Discover all APIs in your estate

Use data classification and context-aware analysis to create an accurate and complete inventory of APIs to ensure all are managed and secured.

Analyze and assess APIs

Identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and align to API security best practices using suggested remediation steps.

Detect abnormal API traffic in real time

Monitor for data tampering and leakage, policy violations, suspicious behavior and API attacks. Prevent attacks and misuse in real time with partial or fully automated remediation.

Available as on-prem software or SaaS

Deploy on-premises or any cloud for maximum flexibility and choice.

Actively test every API

Add API security testing into every phase of development by finding and fixing vulnerabilities before APIs go into production.

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