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Why Netezza outpaces competitors

Cabot Partners compares Netezza® to Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse and Teradata.

Helping clients with faster insights

Destiny Corp. uses Netezza to help cut clients’ analytics runtimes from hours to minutes.

Deliver better patient outcomes with Netezza

This modern data and AI platform provides faster insights to healthcare practitioners.

Join the community

Connect with Netezza experts to share insights and solve problems.



Product tour

View a software simulation that takes you through Netezza Performance Server.

Data science learning path

Quickly get up to speed to speed with using Netezza Performance Server for data science.

ETL Operations with DataStage

Perform advanced extract, transform and load operations on Netezza Performance Server data.


Find answers quickly for Netezza Performance Server.

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Data warehouses demystified

Learn how to choose the right platform for your analytics workload.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

An advanced data warehouse, Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is available on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution.



Get an overview of the Netezza Performance Server console for public cloud.

Deploying on AWS

See how easy it is to install and deploy Netezza Performance Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Migrating to Netezza

Learn how to migrate to Netezza on cloud using commands like nz_migrate or nzbackup/nzrestore.

Upgrade to Netezza

Learn how to connect to your Netezza on cloud environment.

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Now on public cloud

Netezza Performance Server is now available on IBM Cloud® and AWS.

The Netezza comeback

Robb Sinclair, Converge Technology Solutions Corp, discusses the past, present and future of Netezza.

A model of simplicity

The latest Netezza is a cloud-native data analytics and warehousing platform, designed for ease of use.

What happened to Netezza

Brad Miller, Mainline Information Systems, describes the new Netezza and using it with customers.

Data virtualization

Delivering real-time analytics without data movement, duplication or added storage.

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