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Netezza Performance Server Pricing

Get started with IBM® Netezza® fully managed SaaS on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, hybrid or on-premises today. Check out the different pricing tiers for Netezza SaaS and on-premises to get started building new deep analytics, business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) projects with a cloud-native, massively parallel and cost-effective data warehouse.

Pricing tiers (SaaS)
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Netezza Performance Server


Netezza performance profile and storage: USD 3.73 per hour

Public or private endpoint available

Data egress on AWS:

Data transferred to another AWS region:
USD 20.60/TB

Data transferred to the internet or other cloud providers:
USD 92.70/TB


Data egress charges on Azure:

Data transferred to Azure services in the same continent:
USD 20.60/TB

Data transferred to Azure services in a different continent:
USD 51.50/TB

Data transferred to different cloud providers or Internet:
USD 90.13/TB

USD 1,000 of free credits


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  • Fully managed pay-as-you-go

  • Granular scaling of storage independent of compute

  • AI-infused smart scaling for cost predictability in the cloud

  • Built-in analytics and ML

  • Support for open table and open data formats with IBM® watsonx.data™

  • Optimized costs with unmatched speeds
Netezza Cloud Pak for Data System (on-premises) pricing

Netezza is available on-premises with Cloud Pak for Data System. Pricing for IBM® Netezza® Cloud Pak for Data System is based on the number of virtual processor cores (VPC).

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Apply code TRYNPS1 and get started with USD 1,000 free credits to deploy an entry-level Netezza instance on AWS. Test drive IBM® Netezza® Performance Server today and fully experience all its features and functions free of charge for up to 1 month with this trial promotion.

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