What IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics can do for you

IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics is a web and mobile application. It provides evidence-based drug information, age and indication-specific drug-dosing calculators and enteral formula nutritional information to help improve medication safety and efficacy for neonatal and pediatric patients.

It is estimated that neonatal and pediatric patients are at least three times more prone to harm from adverse drug events and medication errors than adults(1). IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics enables clinicians to make safer, more informed decisions about medications for these vulnerable patients. See citation in Resources Section.

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Supports clinical decision making

Fully-referenced neonatal and pediatric monographs provide evidence-based, off-label drug information supporting drug therapy decisions for a population where off-label medication use is imperative.

Helps address risk for dosing errors

Age- and indication-specific drug dosing content and calculators address the unique needs of a patient population at higher risk of an adverse drug event.

Informs enteral nutrition decisions

Infant formula, human milk fortifier, and pediatric prescription enteral formula database provides nutrient component information, supports product comparisons, and provides mixing instructions.

Saves time

Population-, age- and indication-specific dosing content and calculators can help reduce the amount of time clinicians need to find and calculate drug dosages.

Supports mobile workflow

An online subscription allows for organization-wide access to full monograph and enteral formula content through the NeoFax and Pediatrics Essentials apps.

Five reasons to use IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics

  • Ensures the highest levels of drug safety
  • Delivers population-specific drug information
  • Provides age- and indication-specific dosing calculators
  • Enhances enteral nutrition support
  • Provides peace of mind when it matters most

Which option is right for you?

30-Day Trial

- Best for first-time users to explore the tool

IBM Micromedex NeoFax

Best for individuals or organizations seeking access to neonatal clinical decision support for between one and ten users

IBM Micromedex Pediatrics

Best for individuals or organizations seeking access to pediatric clinical decision support for between one and ten users

IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics

Best for individuals or organizations that are seeking a bundle of NeoFax and Pediatrics, enterprise access, or for access for more than ten concurrent users

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