Move beyond the ordinary with Micromedex API

For organizations that aim to be disrupters – rather than the disrupted – the need for speed, agility and reliability is essential. Micromedex APIs enable businesses to quickly integrate, edit and customize evidence-based clinical content – helping them sharpen their focus on consumers and move beyond ordinary products and workflows.

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Why IBM Micromedex Content API?

Rich, evidence-based content

Access over 8,500 journals and 750,000 publications

Flexible delivery options

Publish full documents or deliver succinct insights

Efficient integration

Easy-to-use interface, detailed developer resources

Two options to meet your needs

IBM Micromedex Summary Drug API

Help nurses, insurance companies, and the general public gain efficient insights on medication administration questions to enhance basic knowledge.

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IBM Micromedex In-Depth Drug API

Provide healthcare workers, academics and researchers with detailed answers for complex care, including consolidated insights on drug therapies and treatment guidelines for specialized populations.

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Potential use cases


Develop applications that provide excerpts of a drug monograph on dosing, precautions, adverse effects.


Facilitate personalized medicine by gaining detailed insight into risks presented by comorbid conditions, age, gender and concomitant medications.

Insurance, pharmacy benefits management and life sciences companies

Get quick and customized access to commonly used sections of Micromedex monographs (e.g., FDA, non-FDA uses, comparative efficacy).


Integrate content into your current systems, providing fast access to drug information within existing software workflows.