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Doctor using CareNotes to review medical education materials with a patient

How CareNotes can help your organization

CareNotes® provides a single source for evidence-based patient education materials.

Concise, customizable materials written at a 4th to 7th grade reading level cover conditions, treatment, laboratory tests, follow-up care, psychosocial conditions, continuing health and wellness and the most frequently administered drugs.

Available in 15 languages, CareNotes comprises more than 13,500 end-user documents that cover over 2,600 care condition topics, 2,500 medication topics – and clinical evidence for 485 lab tests.

Clinical consistency

One editorial group within IBM Watson Health writes the evidence-based patient education content within CareNotes, helping to provide consistency across care settings.

Covers the continuum of care

Topics are written to setting, including pre-care, inpatient treatment, hospital and emergency discharge, and ambulatory care. Instructions differ based on where the patient is in the care continuum.


Delivered in a variety of formats (online, HL7 V3 compliant InfoButton and hosted files), integrated with major EMR vendors and accurately coded with meta data to provide relevant results.

Potential Benefits of IBM Micromedex Carenotes

  • Increases patient engagement
  • Provides patient education across all care settings
  • Seamlessly integrates into your current HIS/EMR/IPC system
  • Helps achieve compliance & regulatory objectives
  • Complements the larger patient education suite