Service-oriented and scalable

Offers development tools that enable you to create applications using a service-oriented, scalable approach. The cloud-native application can capitalize on the benefits derived from a cloud platform, allowing your enterprise to easily add capacity and manage the cost of the service.

Unified development environment

Delivers the tools, flexibility and cross platform ability to help you improve application development. An open, cloud-based development environment can drive innovation and offer a faster, unified development experience.

Cloud technology

Provides the efficiency and speed of cloud technology. Key benefits include utility pricing models, elastic and scalable resources and services, a broad set of always-available and integrated services, lower cost, and ease of use and setup.

Built using the latest standards

Provides productivity tools with cross platform, multiple runtime support that are lightweight, open and built using the latest standards. Bidirectional DevOps capabilities further speed production.

End-to-end Docker deployment

Enables you to create microservices and automated builds in Docker from the beginning. Eliminate the need to recreate problems that only happen on one machine, or differences when switching to containers in production. The environment is also built using Docker, enabling you to run it locally or host it on the cloud platform for use over the web. With IBM, you can bypass issues with local settings or installers for multiple tools.

Fast, flexible development

Enables you to generate microservices in Java, Node and Swift; edit and see your changes as you go. When coding is complete, you can check it in and the pipeline will automatically build and deploy to Kubernetes. Save time with application monitoring tools and an HTTP load-driver to start. Each is preinstalled and preconfigured, and you can add more tools as needed.

Multiple IDE options

Includes Theia IDE in the box. Microclimate can also leverage popular IDEs including Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Orion, Atom IDE and Theia.

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