M&A Accelerator
Revolutionizes M&A execution for the entire deal lifecycle — pipeline, diligence, integration and divestiture
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Bring order to the M&A chaos

Manage your M&A data and activities with IBM M&A Accelerator instead of using multiple, disconnected tools and reduce chaos in your deals. This market-leading solution brings your M&A data and teams together to provide you with a real-time, 360-degree view of your transactions — allowing you to focus on value capture and reduce distractions.

Benefits End-to-end solution

Manages prospect targeting, execution strategy, planning, synergy capture and monitoring

Shorter time to value

Yields shorter time to value and improves your ability to meet or exceed the business case

Faster transaction completion

Ties the sources of value to milestones and key deal information to improve execution

Single source of truth

Delivers a single source of truth, in real time, for all stakeholders

Ease of deployment

Provides teams with preloaded content and templates for fast and easy deployment

Increased team productivity

Eliminates the need for repetitive work, lengthy status meetings and data chasing

Built-in features to manage M&A data Personalized role-based interface

Manage and track workplan milestones, issues, risks, key decisions and synergy initiatives in real time. Personalize role-based home pages.

Dashboards and scorecards

Offers rich reporting, dashboards with underlying analytics and interactive charts, editable reports, snapshots and a report wizard.

Deal templates

Manage deal templates and organize checklists by type, strategic imperative, geography or other factors.

Document management

Provides full document management with versioning, locking, check-in, check-out and drag-and-drop to easily upload many documents.

Collaborative project management

Manage multiple projects, initiatives and transformations throughout the deal process, using the advanced project scheduling.

Security, mobility and APIs

Robust permissions model, SSO and two-factor authentication securely capture and deliver information to the right team member on PC or mobile.

Case studies Leading telecom company

Streamlining the PMO to one person eliminated the need for external PMO staff. This reduced risks and compass on the deal synergies, resulting in significantly lower consulting fees and decreased time to synergies.

Leading agricultural and food corporation

Consolidation of a global deal pipeline, along with measurable, like-minded deal criteria, gave the corporate team broad visibility and framed decision making. This resulted in a substantial time savings for corporate development and executives.

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