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What the Merge HL7 Toolkit can do for you

Develop and deploy HL7 interfaces that allow healthcare information systems to exchange medical data so you can enable your products for interoperability.

Merge HL7 Toolkit allows you to avoid expensive engines with proprietary language requirements and costly channel activation and support, all the while, minimizing the footprint of your application.


Broad HL7 connectivity and integration

Receive a light-weight toolkit library for developing a fully-compliant HL7 v2.x interface directly within applications, gateways and devices.

Ease of use

Offer simple and straightforward parsing and generating of HL7 messages.

Sample application code

Provide sample code for both transmitting and receiving HL7 messages under MLLP protocol.

Built-in listener/receiver abilities

Streamline connectivity and easily use object models to manage HL7 content more swiftly.

Support compartmentalized operations

Gain maximum throughput isolation of persistence and processing.

Optimal interoperability and deployment

Provide a variety of transformations for incoming and outgoing messages. Deliver a suite of utilities to assist in interface and connectivity testing.

Security and privacy in the cloud

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