Illustration of a laptop showing Merge Hemo

An easy-to-use, automated cardiac cath documentation tool

Merge Hemo™ automates your cath lab process – including data collection, waveform analysis, inventory control and procedural reporting – into a comprehensive digital patient record. The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality enhances efficiency when documenting procedures. 

User-defined templates automatically populate known data fields to help reduce errors and eliminate duplicate data entry. Merge Hemo also improves care delivery with shared information and reduces operational expenses through one central server.


Easy patient management

Visualize your entire cath lab department, including pre- and post-holding, on a single screen via the Department Overview application.

Web-based patient access

Provide external access to your patient population through the Dry Erase or Family Wait Area Boards, which can be viewed on any web browser.

Augmented patient image file

Streamline your cath lab workflow by automatically pre-populating the physician clinical report with data collected at the point of care.

Single server, multiple facilities and departments

Leverage cost savings and improve care delivery by using one server for multiple departments – easily sharing patient data and separating organizational information by department.

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