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Transforms reference data management

IBM InfoSphere® Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub is an advanced solution for centrally managing and distributing reference data across the enterprise. It extends the InfoSphere Master Data Management (MDM) portfolio with a hub and stewardship application engineered for superior management of trusted enterprise reference information.

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Simplifies reference data management

Enables you to effectively process and control reference information across the enterprise

Centralizes auditing and security

Provides the capacity to centralize stewardship, auditing and security related to reference data management and distribution

Integrates with other applications

Extends and expands your reference data management solution across the enterprise by delivering the ability to easily integrate with other MDM enterprise applications

Key features of InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub

Simplifies reference data management

This solution enables easier importing and exporting of reference data to and from the enterprise hub. It supports complex hierarchies within reference data sets.

Integrates easily with other applications

This solution enables your organization to look up reference data for data warehouse loads with the ability to integrate IBM InfoSphere Information Server. It integrates with IBM InfoSphere Governance Catalog to help manage glossary terms and reference data values as enterprise standards.

Improves data quality across the enterprise

The solution maintains mappings among different application-specific representations of reference data, including mappings of reference data codes used to load data into a data warehouse, which can improve reporting and analysis. It also enables business users to directly manage reference data to reduce the need for IT support and improve data quality across your entire enterprise.

Centralizes stewardship, auditing and security

InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub includes role-based user interfaces for review, approval and publishing of reference data changes. It provides versioning and lifecycle management tools for reference data sets and mappings as well as manages reference data changes over time. It also supports government directives and regulatory changes around code tables and classifications.

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