Use your data to its full potential, easily and rapidly

Bringing customer data together is easier than ever before with this master data management solution. Get accurate customer information and faster time-to-market when you deduplicate and consolidate customer data from multiple sources within minutes. Machine learning and consent management capabilities provide advanced insights and help you comply with regulatory guidelines.

Empower business users with self-service capabilities to optimize business processes and identify new opportunities. Deploy in a matter of hours with minimal IT dependency. This solution makes it easy to add, work with and share data across business systems and downstream processes.

Whether you’re a small business leader or the manager of an enterprise sales and marketing department, IBM Master Data Management Express can help increase revenues and reduce the cost of merging data together.

Explore the key capabilities of IBM MDM Express

Explore the key capabilities of IBM MDM Express Start the tutorial

IBM Master Data Management Express benefits

IBM MDM Express - Really know your customers icon

Really know your customers

Get a consolidated view of customer data from multiple sources, within minutes, with minimal IT dependency. Overcome duplication of information and easily export downstream.

IBM MDM Express - Reduce costs icon

Reduce costs

Make efficient use of campaign budgets to target the right prospects. Reduce redundant mailings and optimize media investment by moving from cost-per-lead to cost-per-member.

IBM MDM Express - Get advanced insights icon

Get advanced insights

Use machine-learning-assisted capabilities to learn from data-steward decisions. Ingest data from disparate sources to speed the import process and deliver more advanced insights.

IBM MDM Express - Foster customer trust icon

Foster customer trust

Embedded consent management lets you capture, view and maintain consent data and act on events. Strengthen compliance with regulatory requirements and foster customer trust.

IBM Master Data Management Express features

Light-weight data stewardship

Control is now in the hands of your data stewards, thanks to IBM's intuitive light-weight stewardship user interface. Easily override system-based matching by linking and unlinking records or entities, or create, update and delete records.

Rules-based segmentation

Marketing line-of-business users can segment their customer data based on specific demographics and characteristics.

World-class matching engine

Take full advantage of IBM’s industry-leading matching technology, which is specifically designed for data that has not been standardized. Make it easy for your team to find the value that’s hidden away in your data.

Intuitive UI to manage customer data

Search, view and export some of your matched customer records — or all of them. Put an end to multiple outreach efforts to reduce the cost of your campaigns. Increase revenues with a 360-degree single customer view.

Embedded consent-management capabilities

Give your team the ability to add customer consent values, view consent and edit consent. You can view and edit the consent settings of person records and entities with just a few clicks.

Integration through REST APIs

REST APIs are a powerful way to search, retrieve and update customer data. Expect easy exporting of mastered data for downstream use in analytics, big data, reporting and more.

What’s new

IBM MDM Express - Application integration image

Application integration

Walkthrough and demo how the MDM Express REST APIs can be leveraged for Operational MDM use cases.

IBM MDM Express - Composite view of customer data image

Composite view of customer data

Learn about several enhancements, such as a composite view feature to provide increased flexibility to display

What marketing campaigns are missing: IBM MDM Express image

What marketing campaigns are missing: MDM Express

Discover what your marketing campaigns are missing and how to identify prospects in minutes using machine learning-powered technology.

IBM Master Data Management Express product images

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