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An introduction to Maximo® IBM Maximo solution brief

Get a quick understanding on the available applications and why you should choose IBM as a vendor.

Optimize your assets and operations globally with Maximo

Find out who leverages the power of Maximo and why industry leaders chose to use Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Transform your business with intelligent enterprise asset management

Transform your business with intelligent enterprise asset management (EAM) with the help of IBM Maximo.

Documentation and support IBM Maximo Application Suite documentation

Your one-stop-shop for documentations, support, APIs, articles, blogs and many more.

IBM Maximo education

Discover the multiple trainings available for Maximo, as well as the diverse role-based learning collections.

IBM Maximo support

Access this webpage for support documents, application module help, configuration help, industry solutions and many more.

Analyst reports IDC MarketScape Utilities EAM Applications Vendor Assessment

Find out why IDC MarketScape positions IBM as a leader in the utilities industry for worldwide SaaS and cloud-enabled asset-intensive EAM applications

The Business Value of IBM Maximo

Read this one pager to get a better understanding of the ROI for using IBM Maximo Application Suite (MAS).

IDC MarketScape Manufacturing EAM Applications Vendor Assessment

Learn what you need to do before selecting the right fit for your business in terms of EAM vendors and products for manufacturing.

IDC MarketScape Oil & Gas EAM Applications Vendor Assessment

Read this report to gain a better understanding on the strengths of working with IBM Maximo from the oil and gas industry perspective.

Solution briefs IBM Maximo Scheduler

Get a quick understanding on how this solution can improve effectiveness of planners, schedulers and supervisors.

IBM Maximo Predict

Identify and manage asset reliability risks that could affect business operations by using AI models to predict future failures.

IBM Maximo Health

Establish a robust data background of asset health using IoT data, asset records and work history to improve operational decisions.

IBM Maximo Mobile

Find out how you can empower your technicians with intelligent mobile EAM to manage assets.

IBM Maximo Assist

Enable your technicians to use AI or contact remote experts for assistance to accelerate problem diagnosis and repair.

White papers and ebooks The Business Value of IBM Maximo

Read the IDC white paper to learn more about the full return-on-investment analysis for study participants'' use of Maximo.

Why the best-run companies use IBM Maximo and ERP

Read about the ten ways asset-intensive organizations are improving operational efficiency with Maximo.

Sharpen Your Manufacturing Edge

Discover if you have the right strategy to keep pace and avoid being outflanked by competitors.

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