Asset management Maximo Monitor Remote asset monitoring with IBM Maximo Application Suite
Get data visualization and anomaly detection capabilities combined in an advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring solution to help with your diagnostics.
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Elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights

With multiple data streams in multiple different standards, data collection can become a constant puzzle for your team. A full, operationally scalable asset monitoring solution should be able to provide visibility into real-time asset tracking and automatically unify your input data for critical assets.

IBM® Maximo® Monitor can help you bring your asset monitoring solution to life through the power of AI, empowering both your operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) teams to confidently make decisions and take strategic actions to reduce operational costs. This intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) system helps to ensure the right notifications are sent out and helps conduct root-cause analysis, paving the way for more resilient and sustainable operations.

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Benefits Enterprise-level data aggregation and visibility

Use our library of pre-built integrations for industrial devices to gain asset condition insights and cut down roll-out time. Integrate OT data from multiple sources through message queue telemetry transport (MQTT) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) connectors.

Scaled operations across processes and sites

Visualize current and historical trend data for asset utilization across your enterprise through a single, customizable dashboard and no-code widgets in a standardized asset monitoring system.

AI-powered detection of issues and anomalies

Use advanced data analytics and AI to quickly detect anomalies and use data from operating history to minimize downtime and extend asset lifecycle.

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Advanced root-cause analysis for resolution teams

Access historical data for in-depth forensic analysis of failure trends, expediting the resolution process. The configurable drill-down functionality seamlessly integrates into existing workflows within enterprise asset management (EAM), enabling more intelligent and targeted interventions.

Navigation of complex asset data

Establish hierarchies to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and manage assets at different levels of granularity. Whether evaluating the overall health of your system or the performance of a specific device, the asset hierarchy provides both breadth and depth in understanding and managing assets.

Extension of your IoT foundation

Get rapid, low-cost cloud-based deployment to accelerate time to value. Stepwise IoT-based connect and collect solutions enable you to extend value over time with asset health scoring and predictive algorithms.

IBM Maximo Monitor
Smarter asset monitoring

With Maximo Monitor, asset maintenance and operational leaders can aggregate IT data with operational data and process parameters across existing control systems, historians, IoT sensors and other repositories to provide enterprise-wide visibility into asset performance and condition.

This solution addresses the challenge of disparate data sources. Data can be fused in real time and the solution can be scaled quickly across the enterprise. With user-friendly dashboards and advanced analytics, Maximo Monitor offers a holistic management system for asset performance, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, proactively address issues and optimize digital reinvention for enhanced operational efficiency. Its deployment capabilities help to ensure a rapid rollout across asset fleets, allowing users to derive value faster than ever before.

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Edge Data Collector
Faster and easier data acquisition

Asset owners manage extensive portfolios of assets operating on different communication protocols that serve as data sources for Maximo Monitor. Establishing a unified standard for all devices is necessary to streamline the integration process and requires substantial time and effort spent on manual integration.

Edge Data Collector contains a library of device details and metrics, which allows users to select a device manufacturer and device, and then choose the metrics that they want to track for that device. This feature applies to OT devices, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and open platform communications (OPC) servers. The data is then seamlessly unified and transmitted to Maximo Monitor, facilitating a swift deployment of asset tracking across the entire asset fleet and helping users derive value from the system faster than ever before.

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