Getting started with Maximo in a few simple steps

Pick a core version from two options

Want to keep your Maximo solution in-house? Choose the on-premises version. Ready to move it to the cloud? SaaS is the way to go, with anytime, anywhere access.

Select an industry module from six options

If needed, choose a module with targeted support for your industry. Maximo delivers results across all industries, but key asset-intensive businesses can benefit from specialized content.

Enhance your Maximo with add-ons

Customize with options that add value to your Maximo solution. Whether you need additional scheduling or SCADA device support, you can easily incorporate more modules.

Find a partner

IBM Business Partners with Maximo solutions

IBM Business Partners with Maximo solutions

Connect with IBM’s fast-growing portfolio of Business Partners to develop, build or buy the right Maximo solution for your business.