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Optimize technician schedules, resources and asset performance to deliver exceptional field service experiences and improve customer satisfaction
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Experience greater uptime and more efficient operations with a maintenance strategy that uses automation, mobility, IoT data and AI
Streamline field service operations for greater efficiency 

Inefficient practices, lack of visibility between the field and back office, and outdated paper-based processes hinder efficient field service management. Inefficient field service management results in increased costs, reduced data quality, and lower first-time fix rates.

With IBM® Maximo® Field Service Management, you can enhance your field service operations with advanced scheduling, intelligent dispatching, and mobile access to critical asset information. This solution enables maintenance and dispatching teams to work together seamlessly and technicians to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, while also improving customer satisfaction.

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Benefits Simplify field operations 

Reduce manual processes and increase productivity with real-time visibility into operations to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement. 

Improve resource utilization

Aim to allocate the right resources to the right tasks at the right time to reduce delays and improve productivity.


Reduce costs and improve profitability

Optimize routes, schedules, and resource allocation to complete maintenance tasks at the right time and in the most effective and efficient manner.

Increase First Time Fix Rates and uptime

Provide technicians with remote access to critical asset information and expert assistance, which enables them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. 

Enhance customer satisfaction 

Provide faster and more reliable service by responding promptly to concerns or unexpected delays. 

Field Service Management solution
Optimize your maintenance and service scheduling

Schedules are the backbone of effective maintenance operations. They allow maintenance planners to efficiently plan and prioritize the resources needed to complete work.

 Maximo Scheduler is an intuitive tool that provides a visual representation of your maintenance resources to plan and manage upcoming work and assignments ahead of time. You can automate scheduling, assign tasks and manage the workforce with precision by using real-time data and analytics to help ensure optimal resource usage. Identify and track critical activities, tackle backlog work and make informed decisions about workforce availability, to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Effortlessly dispatch work to the right crews  

Dispatching is critical as you get closer to the scheduled maintenance start date, when unexpected issues arise. With Maximo, you can quickly respond to unplanned scheduling changes, such as last-minute labor resource unavailability or emergency work orders. By using a rule-based optimization, you can make informed assignment decisions that minimize disruption and ensure timely completion.

 The advanced dispatching capabilities provide a holistic dashboard view for a dispatcher to visualize all schedules, assignments, resources and areas requiring attention. With the timeline interactive view, dispatchers can monitor work status throughout the day and indicate areas that need attention, empowering you to adapt to changing circumstances and keep field operations running smoothly.

Empower field service technicians

Your technicians would be able to work more efficiently and effectively in the field by having access to real-time scheduling that considers their location, availability, skills and craft. Field technicians can receive their prioritized assignments on their mobile devices and take immediate action, while real-time timestamps are captured and displayed to dispatchers.

The continuous optimization of Maximo automatically adjusts schedules based on real-time data, increasing technician efficiency and rescheduling priority work to other resources as needed. Before starting work, technicians can plan and optimize parts and tools. With AI-based assistance, they can quickly search for the most probable fixes, reducing resolution time and increasing first-time fix rates. This ultimately improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction. 

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