How can Max Studio help you be interactive and engaging?

Max Studio is an add-on to the Max system that allows meteorologists to interact with weather visualizations while remaining on-air. Patented MagicTRAK technology helps ensure the meteorologist tools and equipment your broadcast needs are available at all times. Max Studio is available right at your talent’s chroma key or touchscreen, so they can always remain on camera even during breaking weather coverage.

Interact live with telestration tools, advance to the next visualization, change the order of upcoming scenes and engage viewers on social media. Meteorologists can also create and share multiple levels of weather information as needed, all without leaving the touchscreen or chroma key.

Empower your on-air talent

MagicTRAK technology enables talent to access the best meteorologist tools and equipment while at the chroma key or touchscreen so they can stay on-air as severe weather breaks.

Start a conversation in real time

Talent can incorporate viewer-submitted stories through social media and respond to posts live to help facilitate authentic, unscripted conversations.

Create a more dynamic weathercast

Meteorologists can rapidly add interactivity such as using telestration and advancing to the next scene to help them tell a clearer, more accurate weather story.

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