Weather Company Max Mobile Widgets

Easily embed highly sought-after weather and traffic mobile content using customizable mobile widgets to help keep users coming back for more.

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What Max Mobile Widgets can do for your business

Max Mobile Widgets enable you to increase customer engagement by integrating customizable weather forecasts and radar maps into your existing mobile app. Influence customers and drive revenue by making recommendations to users based on upcoming weather patterns.

Max Mobile Widgets also allow you to post current, hourly or even daily weather forecasts for users. Plus, they’re customizable, so you can match your brand and help drive revenue by making recommendations to your audience based on upcoming weather patterns.

Provide weather context

Incorporate weather information for a particular time, location or event to increase engagement with mobile weather widgets.

Offer relevant content

Add brand value with updated, hyperlocal weather and traffic content.

Keep users prepared

Improve audience satisfaction by helping users prepare for upcoming weather with current, hourly or daily forecasts.

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Forecast and alert features help keep guests happy when weather disappoints

Weather widgets for outdoor venues offer forecasts and alerts that help you keep fans and employees safe in severe weather.

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Weather insights can bring fan engagement to new levels for entertainment venues

Weather can impact fan experience from a consumer’s food and beverage decisions to how long they stay at the event.

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