How can Max Cloud help improve efficiency and productivity?

Max Cloud is built to drive collaboration across your organization by delivering the functionality, advanced graphics and rapid production of Max with the availability, scalability and security-rich environment of the IBM Cloud. Define regional workgroups to allow stations to fill in for one another or simultaneously work together. Low-friction content sharing and distribution helps virtually any producer, designer or talent contribute to shows for multiple markets so scenes can be more rapidly developed and put to-air.

Designed for business continuity

Deploy redundancy and cloud disaster recovery workflows across your group to help one station fill in for another as needed.

Drive collaboration with cloud broadcasting

Work with sister stations and share content in near-real time to help increase productivity and optimize your Max investment across your workflows.

Manage weather broadcasting costs

Avoid the need for near-duplicate footprints in every market while requiring fewer resources to support a flexible, highly available, agile and self-managing infrastructure.

Key features of Max Cloud

Virtually frictionless content sharing

Support remote access to media, which can help to enable a globally distributed workforce that can collaborate in an efficient and productive manner via the cloud.

Safeguards designed for business continuity

Establish redundancy and cloud disaster recovery workflows to help increase availability and improve resource allocation for high-intensity workloads. You can also share resources across station groups by pointing to shared lockers and creating tasks for other stations.

Cross-site collaboration

Empower the best people in your station group to help the markets that need it most by accelerating the development and delivery of scenes regardless of physical location.

Cloud-based broadcasting technology

Max Cloud is designed to help you leverage the IBM Cloud which is recognized by credible third-party analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as delivering industry-leading governance, integration and deployment for mission-critical processes. It is also designed so you can utilize other public and private clouds.

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