A smarter approach to severe weather alerts and warnings

Max Alert Live enables stations to rapidly broadcast severe weather news with customizable, automated, weather alerts that can be controlled from virtually anywhere.

Build trust with your viewers through fast, accurate and engaging severe weather notifications. When predetermined conditions occur, Max Alert Live automatically triggers messages that scroll across the bottom of the screen along with other optional information such as maps of hazard areas. Weather warnings can be placed anywhere on your presentation and feature logos for your brand or other sponsorships.

Get to air faster during severe weather

Fully automated severe weather alerts and warnings instantly display crucial and potentially life-saving information from the National Weather Service.

Improve audience engagement and trust

Modern graphics that are designed to match your brand dynamically and adapt to the changing severe weather to convey the urgency of the emerging threat.

Fast, easy control from virtually anywhere

An intuitive Max-based interface deployed in a cloud environment allows you to take control from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key Features

Remote accessibility with cloud interface

Meteorologists can log in from anywhere with an internet connection to view the current situation, choose trigger conditions and control the video output.

Engaging graphics that reflect your brand

Match your current on-air look with modern, customizable graphics that dynamically adapt to the changing severe weather and convey the urgency of the emerging threat.

National Weather Service integration

Max Alert Live uses data from the National Weather Service to keep your audience informed with potentially life-saving information.

Greater control over your content

Severe weather warnings can be set to display automatically or manually depending on the severity level. Output can also be triggered locally when no internet is available.

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