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What IBM MarketScan Research Databases can do for you

IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases are a family of data sets that fully integrate many types of data for healthcare research, including:

•    De-identified records of more than 250 million patients (medical, drug and dental)

•    Productivity (workplace absence, short- and long-term disability, and workers’ compensation)

•    Laboratory results

•    Health risk assessments (HRAs)

•    Hospital discharges

•    Electronic medical records (EMRs) 

The MarketScan Databases track millions of patients throughout the healthcare system. The data are contributed by large employers, managed care organizations, hospitals, EMR providers, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Integrated, patient-level data

Use data that is pooled from diverse points of care, reflecting the real-world continuum and cost of healthcare – including the indirect costs.

Longitudinal tracking of patient data

Gain access to patient data from all sources of care – one of the strongest in the industry.

Among the most published databases

MarketScan Research Databases are cited in more than 2,300 studies published in peer-reviewed journal articles.

Broad geographic coverage

MarketScan Research Databases extensive coverage better represents real-world treatment patterns and costs.

Accurate tracking over time

The MarketScan Research Databases’ large number of unique patients and great depth of patient-level information makes precise analysis easier.

Data pulled from multiple sources

Because MarketScan data is derived from multiple sources, it offers the ability to “retain” patients even when they switch health plans.

Reasons why you should use IBM MarketScan Research Databases

  • One of the most extensive databases for research
  • The ability to capture the full continuum of care
  • Linked data for enhanced research
  • Detailed prescription drug information
  • High-quality coding
  • Numerous and widely published research applications