Feature spotlights

Utilize robust data sources

IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases provide a patient-centric perspective of treatment patterns and cost of care. Full integration, longitudinal strength and deep cross-sectional detail help ensure unparalleled data quality. Uses data from over 28.5 million inpatient records from public and proprietary sources.

Query by diagnosis or procedure

Based on diagnosis or procedure code selections, detailed reports display recent trends in the US inpatient and outpatient market. Reports include key statistics such as age, site of care, operative status, length of stay, physician specialty and physician charges.

Assess three and five-year trends

Reports summarize the volume of selected diagnosis or procedure codes conducted in US facilities in each of the most recent three years. In addition, the reports provide five-year projections for diagnosis or procedure volumes.

View patient, physician, payer and facility statistics

Inpatient View includes patient demographics, admissions data, length-of-stay distributions, cost, regional and facility distributions, patient disposition, and payer mix. Outpatient View details the total annual volume for diagnoses and procedures by outpatient setting: ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient hospitals and physician offices. Volumes are detailed by region, age, gender, outpatient setting and payer.