Comparison Table

IBM LinuxONE III Servers
Features Express LT1 LT2
HW Configuration Single configuration Custom configuration Custom configuration
Memory 384GB, 512GB or 768GB 512GB - 40TB 64GB - 16TB
Cores 4, 6, or 12 1-190 1-65
Hardware Pricing Starting at 135K USD* Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

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Upgradeable and off-the-shelf, the new IBM LinuxONE III Express hardware starts at USD135,000U USD*1 and can run your enterprise data for 57% lower TCO than when running on compared mid-market x86 servers.*2With industry-leading levels of performance, security, availability and scalability, LinuxONE III Express is available in three configuration sizes to meet your workload demands.

*1 Disclaimer: This represents a base hardware configuration and does not include additional items, maintenance or software. Prices shown in USD. Prices shown do not include tax. Price will vary based on country and currency. Discounts available through existing agreements are not eligible. For detailed information about models, please visit the resources tab.

*2 Disclaimer: This is an IBM internal study designed to replicate usage of a typical IBM customer workload in the marketplace. Results may vary. The workloads consisted of a transactional core banking application running on WAS and Db2. Eight instances of the core banking application were run with four instances representing a Dev/Test/QA environment and four instances representing a Production environment. Dev/Test/QA and Production environments were differentiated by their CPU utilization levels ranging from 3% - 20% utilization based on IT Economics client assessment x86 workload data. Average aggregate throughput was within 5% across all instances on both platforms in the internal study. On LinuxONE the banking application ran on RHEL 7.6 in two LPARs with z/VM 7.1, with 4GB and16 GB memory, and 4 virtual CPs. Total number of LinuxONE cores needed to deliver the workloads was 20. To achieve the same workload throughput on x86, the banking application ran on a total of 24 2-processor Sandy Bridge, Haswell, and Broadwell x86 systems, with speeds ranging from 2.4-3.2 GHz with a total of 448 cores. Actual tests were run on a z14 M04/LinuxONE Emperor II, which is rated within 3% of LinuxONE III LT2 Express performance, when configured with 12 cores. Both the x86 and LinuxONE environments had access to the same storage array. Total cost of ownership is defined to include hardware, software, labor, networking, floor space and energy costs over a period of three years. IBM software pricing is based on standard U.S. list prices with a 40% discount. LinuxONE Express, RHEL and z/VM pricing is based on U.S. prices as of May 2021 and x86 hardware pricing is based on IBM analysis of U.S. prices as of April 2021 from IDC. Floor space, networking, energy, labor and other x86 software costs are based on data from IBM IT Economics assessments for clients. For additional information on the TCO model, contact the IBM IT Economics Team at

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