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What it can do for your business

Managing multi-vendor, multicloud environments has become an increasingly complex task. IBM Control Desk provides the IT service management (ITSM) needed to simplify support of users and infrastructures. It reduces costs and increases satisfaction through self-service, automated service management and integrated, best practice-based service desk capabilities.



Predictive digital service management

Speed, quality and efficiency of integrations across tasks, processes and decisions in the context of business objectives and commitments.

Improve self-help and user experience

The Service Catalog and Enterprise App Store enables users to select available services and deploy approved software to their devices when they need them.

Improve first call resolutions

Data and knowledge enabled service agents drive improved customer experience through automation capabilities, integrated knowledge, and visibility of assets, changes and infrastructure.

Embrace IT/OT Convergence

Organizations can improve productivity and performance, create greater transparency into workflows across IT, production and operations.

Gain deep visibility

Device transparency across the enterprise; authorized & deployed assets, configuration, status, and maintenance details, no matter the location of the asset.

Strengthen critical environments

Workflow integration across work teams within IT, employees, and customer experience to achieve a holistic connected service experience.

Key features

  • Move toward predictive digital service management
  • Manage IT and smart operational assets
  • Create greater transparency into workflows across IT, production and operations
  • Improved productivity and performance of all services teams
  • Enable enterprise service management (ESM)
  • Keep work moving anywhere, through mobile devices
  • IT and OT systems managed through a common methodology.
  • Fast track issues with data and intelligence
  • Empower Self-service experience
  • Drive root cause with 5 Why's or how's
  • Create software app store
  • Analyze change impacts


Which option is right for you?

30-day free trial

Experience IT asset and service management from an instrumented control center

IBM Control Desk on Cloud

Provide organizations with a full range of IT service/asset management capabilities - deployed as Software-as-a-Service.

IBM Control Desk on Cloud Enterprise

Support both complex IT asset and enterprise service management scenarios with IBM Control Desk on Cloud Enterprise and IBM Control Desk on Cloud Enterprise Plus.

IBM Control Desk

Provide a full range of IT service and asset management capabilities deployed on-premises.