What is IBM Netcool Operations Insight?

IBM Netcool® Operations Insight delivers advanced, cross-domain analytics to enable teams to communicate across disciplines and break down silos. Innovate faster, reduce operational costs and transform IT operations from a traditional, domain-based IT operations management (ITOM) system to a predictive, AI-driven solution with visibility into performance data and dependencies across all environments. Embrace the changing operations landscape with automation that alerts IT staff to problems, their root causes, and recommends solutions without the need for human intervention.

Gain smarter, more resilient operations with topological context, grouped events, and anomaly detection delivered on a consolidated view across your local, cloud and hybrid environments. Modernize and simplify your IT operations with greater insight into highly dynamic environments, and option for containerized deployment on Red Hat® OpenShift®.

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Use cases

Enhance resiliency

The complexity of modern IT demands proactive, preventative event management and analytics for IT operations management solutions. With tens of thousands of alerts, signals, events and triggers across multiple infrastructure domains, it is impossible for ITOps teams to manually analyze and act on critical event data in a timely manner using traditional ITOM solutions. With IBM Netcool Ops Manager, teams get an ITOM solution that provides insights, not just more data, to enable operations to keep pace with faster dev cycles.

Accelerate agility

To remain competitive, businesses must continuously react to changing market conditions, innovate new business models, and implement fast and flexible operational processes. AIOps enables organizations to embrace change and drive innovation through ITOM. Leverage cloud technologies to help them accelerate application modernization with purpose-built management for cloud infrastructure and modern cloud application components.

Reduce costs

Improving operational efficiency is imperative in a modernization strategy. AIOps helps reduce operational costs by applying machine learning for more effective incident response and event management to leverage robust automation capabilities, avoid expensive outages, and maintain continuity for IT services in the face of rapid change.

Netcool is now integrated with Watson AIOps

On 25 September 2020, IBM Watson® will integrate the excellent event management, topology and predictive insights capabilities of Netcool Operations insights into Watson™ AIOps, delivering a comprehensive, modular, cloud-native solution that will propel the transformation to a modern Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) operating model. With incident and application centricity, as well as ChatOps support, IBM will bring insights directly to where people collaborate.  

With this integration, Watson AIOps will give users insights derived from an understanding of change, data and people at every stage of development — from design to deploy. The new, extended Watson AIOps offering will become the successor of your current Netcool or Omnibus entitlement, and will allow you to transition to that new offering and new capability to leverage your investments to date.



Act with greater intelligence by seeing hidden patterns and contexts within your IT infrastructure that aren’t obvious, so you can avoid investigation, improve responsiveness and lower operational costs.


Always stay ahead by automating actions for incident avoidance and event management to minimize the need for human intervention. Leverage intelligent machine learning software that constantly and automatically learns and adjusts.


Rapidly adapt to change to improve efficiency. Dynamically observe, analyze and learn to prompt improvement for continuous efficiency gains, and support DevOps and SRE practices with an ITOM solution that provides actionable data and event management solutions relevant across management disciplines.

Case studies

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Nextel Brazil

Nextel transforms operations to reduce incident response times by over 80% with Netcool.

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Consolidated Communication

Consolidated Communications automates complex network management to build trust and confidence in new markets.

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DATEV centrally manages 30 million IT events daily using Netcool to provide stability and availability for 24x7 operations.

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