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Automates the communication of discovery requirements and facts between IT and legal staff
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IBM and Breakwater Solutions

 IBM has established a new partnership with Breakwater Solutions, where we’ve transitioned IBM Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management to their portfolio. Please read more about this partnership here.

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Empowers discovery between IT and legal staff

IBM® Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management automates the communication of discovery requirements and facts between IT and legal staff including action item assignments, notifications, alerts, work planning, and searches through holds and collections. IBM Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management extends Atlas eDiscovery Process Management to provide a single system of record with workflows for legal, IT and line-of-business managers.

Coordinates discovery tasks

Delivers the ability to effectively coordinate discovery tasks to manage, find and view collection data more easily.

Aligns IT collection task management

Avoids costly duplication of efforts by aligning IT collection task management efforts between your legal and IT staff.

Streamlines the collection workflow

Enhances your collection workflow with better browsing, viewing and logging capabilities.

Provides collection templates

Uses collection templates for data source types to reduce manual tasks and improve collection data accuracy.

Enables workload visibility

Enhances visibility into your discovery workloads and assets for better planning and resource allocation.

Key features
Coordinate discovery tasks

View past and present collection activity in a single convenient dashboard. Search for current legal holds and collections by employee or system. Avoid inadvertent disposal of data on hold. Log legal requests automatically in your ticketing systems. Deliver full hold and collection instructions with thorough and relevant custodian and data parameters in a collection workbook. Share tasks and job lists throughout the data collection team.

Streamline the collection workflow

View collection instructions by custodian, capture notes and upload data, and document the location of collected information stored outside of Atlas products. Browse a matter collection by custodian, or browse for collection requirements by custodian across multiple matters. See relevant instructions on a single page, including thorough employee information. Explore notes from legal staff on the custodian's data set, parameters and date ranges. Quickly identify work already done on a collection.

Gain visibility into discovery workloads and assets

View open and closed tasks by individual and view individual staff workload status. Get accurate projections and automatic updates for future quarters to improve staff planning. Align IT resources with anticipated workloads. Use dashboards for visibility into workload by staff, type of discovery and asset class. Search for terminated employees to determine active holds and collections. Dispose of terminated employee data when appropriate.

Align IT collection task management

Support thorough, precise instructions and self-service options for data collectors. Use a collection job dashboard designed for discovery coordinators to track workloads and view reports by system, custodian and collector. Select a task from a list and complete some or all of its elements. Log, index and update an audit trail automatically for uploaded documents collected with Atlas products. Index document types using database indexing capabilities for selected Atlas and database products.

Provide collection templates for data source types

Choose from multiple collection templates that include fill-in-the-blank capabilities for collection requestors. Set up data sources, including email messages, file shares and applications, with corresponding collection templates to create collection workflows. Specify a discovery delegate or steward for data sources. Expand to larger and more detailed data source pools by working with IBM Disposal and Governance Management for IT.

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