Business Value

Business Value

IBM Program Work Center is a collaborative program and project management solution offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. It reduces the risk and complexity of running large-scale projects, programs, initiatives and transformations.

IBM Program Work Center offers:
- Real-time visibility through dashboards and live reports.
- The ability to drill down to the latest information.
- Personalized home pages.
- Email alerts that highlight assignments and issues.

Team members, project managers and executives can now be kept current so they can act autonomously, communicate changes quickly and redirect resources to problem areas.

Key Features

Manages projects of all types and sizes

IBM Program Work Center has all the tools you need to manage projects, programs and project portfolios. Scales from small projects with a few users up to complex, global programs with thousands of users. Use basic checklist management or advanced scheduling techniques to fit your project needs. Integrated tracking of risks, issues, documents and other project information provides a better understanding of your project so you can make more informed decisions.

Collaborate in real time

Your stakeholders, team members and project managers leverage the same project information in real time. A flexible and secure permissions capability presents users the information they need – when they need it. Team members can view status and update their work items from their PC or with the mobile app and the updates are immediately available to others. Run team meetings using the dashboards and reports so changes are captured in real time, avoiding delays and missing updates.

Integrated tracking of issues, risks, changes and more

Manage Issues, Risks and Changes that can affect your project and link them to tasks and milestones so you have easy access to items that may need your attention. Custom fields are available so that information specific to your organization can be tracked and reported on for issues, risks, tasks – and more.

Communicate with powerful reporting and dashboards

Reports can be generated by our report builder, or the power of our report engine is available through custom reports that provide information for your decision makers and project managers. Dashboards can easily be configured for different roles to eliminate the need for lengthy status meetings. Our writeable reports capability turns any report into an editable spreadsheet so that updates to key information in a report are saved in the database and available to all users at the same time.

Go beyond sharing documents

IBM Program Work Center provides a familiar tree structure/folder interface for managing documents. Our robust permissions apply to documents and folders, allowing your team members to see only the information they need to get the job done. Version control allows granular tracking of modifications. Documents can be linked to tasks, issues and business benefits to turn them into an integral part of managing your project. You can also link to files and folders stored externally so all relevant documents are readily available.

Take advantage of familiar tools

Are your users more comfortable working with Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft® Project? Program Work Center provides import and export of MS Project and Excel files. Optional task locking ensures that users working offline can control edits and changes. All reports in the system are exportable to Excel or PDF. Our integration with Jira® can link your development team’s efforts to your projects without the need for your developers to login to a project management tool.

IBM Program Work Center for project managers and team leads


How do you easily manage project details, make assignments and review reports?


IBM Program Work Center can manage tasks, dependencies, milestones, risk, issues and critical path. It allows you to review reports of overdue tasks and key milestones – or visualize project status with the task or Gannt chart views.


IBM Program Work Center for executives and program office


How can you stay on top of projects in your portfolio?


IBM Program Work Center provides customizable dashboards to provide visibility and insights at the project, program and portfolio levels of aggregation. Drill down on charts and reports to get to details and answers. Send linked notifications to team members to request additional information or send notes of appreciation.

IBM Program Work Center for team members


How can you simplify project management and keep everyone current?


Keep team members updated with assigned tasks, issues, risks and other items with Program Work Center. Use it to review project status and receive notifications of new assignments, reminders or overdue notices. View or make quick updates via the mobile app.



Have a single source of truth

Dashboards and automated reports present real time status of all key project activities, providing better visibility and communication with less effort than with multiple, disconnected tools.

Simplify managing large-scale projects

Manage your portfolio of projects and programs with automated, consolidated reporting and leverage advanced project scheduling capabilities when needed. Integrate with MS Project, MS Excel, and JIRA.

Maintain control and security

Robust permissions model, SSO, and Two Factor Authentication securely capture and deliver information to the right team member on PC, Mac or mobile.

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