Feature spotlights

Vehicle insights and event detection

Analytics and AI provide insights into vehicles and usage, drivers, and events. Integrating car sensor data with information in the cloud such as hazards, speed zones and road conditions provide context inside and outside the vehicle.

Product quality improvement

Analyzing streaming IoT data provides insights into how vehicle systems are performing, which can feed back into product design. It enables you to improve product quality and provide upgrades over time. By viewing information throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle, you can anticipate potential issues or failures and avoid recalls.

Integration with third-party data, APIs and apps

Available APIs allow you to build applications and connect your vehicle and other data to the cloud platform. You can easily develop apps and solutions that meet your requirements. The software is also extensible with third-party data sources.

Designed for modern systems and standards

The cloud service integrates with ADAS and AD systems and enables vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. It supports the most common automotive data standards and communication message formats such as ISO, TCP, ITS, UDP and MQTT.

Dedicated SaaS environment

Benefit from high-speed, low latency messaging at scale. In-memory computing enables highly scalable, real-time analytics down to 10 millisecond response times. This is a key technology enabler and differentiator for personalized driver and vehicle insights and alerts including highly automated driving. The solution is available in a choice of IBM data centers as a fully managed cloud service on a dedicated infrastructure.