Explore how IBM can enhance driver systems

Extend the power of analytics and AI to connected cars

IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights is connected car software that integrates real-time data about drivers, vehicles and the environment to optimize the in-car experience. The dedicated cloud service streams data from vehicle sensors and uses analytics and AI to understand driver behavior. It links with other information systems in the cloud, such as weather and traffic, to add context and situational awareness.

With this integrated information, connected vehicles can diagnose safety risks or quality issues and take immediate action. For example, connecting to real-time weather and traffic conditions can improve the effectiveness of a vehicle’s collision avoidance system. The dedicated SaaS platform also provides advanced navigation features, such as destination prediction, based on specific driver patterns.

Interior of self-driving connected vehicle on highway

Key benefits

Help keep drivers safe

Gain real-time insights into driver behavior, in-car events and conditions, and enable vehicle systems to identify unsafe practices or policy violations and respond effectively.

Optimize driver convenience and arrival times

Improve the driver journey by providing map context, optimal routing and navigation features that take into account real-time traffic, driver patterns and weather conditions.

Improve product development and quality

Understand vehicle usage and monitor data throughout a vehicle’s life to optimize engineering and production, diagnose malfunctions, and reduce maintenance.

Enhance business models and revenue streams

Benefit from connected car software that supports multiple applications and use cases across industries including insurance, fleet operations, car sharing and more.

Key features

  • Vehicle insights and event detection
  • Product quality improvement
  • Integration with third-party data, APIs and apps
  • Designed for modern systems and standards
  • Dedicated SaaS environment

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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