IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility
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Real-time inventory visibility to manage profitable and scalable omnichannel experiences

IBM Sterling® Inventory Visibility is a cloud service solution that processes inventory supply and demand activity to provide accurate and real-time global visibility across selling channels. Optimize your business operations to enhance customer shopping experiences and prevent inventory stockout and overselling. IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility seamlessly integrates with any existing commerce solution.  

What you get
Increase shopper conversion and revenue

Meet peak-period demand, avoid overpromising, lost sales and rush charges.

Improve inventory profitability

Flexibly manage safety stock and leverage your network of stores to provide profitable omnichannel fulfillment.

Inventory insight across systems

See all inventory on hand across disparate systems and silos.

Lightening fast inventory availability

Reduce safety stock and carrying costs, and increase inventory turns.

Feature details
Insight across systems and silos See your inventory across systems and silos. Build dashboards based on geography, brands or responsibilities, and customize alerts and thresholds.

Accurate, scalable inventory views Get accurate inventory views and real-time updates using Akamai gateways and Cassandra databases. Auto-scale as demand changes without IT assistance.

Maximize inventory ROI Track inventory turns by product to customize safety stock by location. Get real-time insights across your channels and locations to balance inventory.

Safety Stock Rules Easily configure business rules to dynamically manage safety stock levels across the network or at node level, as percentage based or numeric values, and profitably leverage stores for omni-channel fulfillment, while reducing stock outs.

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