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Integrating Instana Application Performance Monitoring (APM) with VictorOps

VictorOps (link resides outside of is an incident response software that aligns log management, monitoring, chat tools, and more, for a single-pane of glass into system health. VictorOps automates delivery of alerts to get the right alert, to the right person, at the right time. Instana provides advanced infrastructure and application management and monitoring features like:

  • Continuous, automatic discovery of infrastructure changes
  • Automatic, no-restart, code instrumentation of programming languages
  • Visualization of service dependencies
  • End-to-end tracing of 100% of requests across all systems
  • Application and service quality monitoring

Instana seamlessly integrates with VictorOps to automate on-call based incident notifications. Instana has over 200 curated health signatures programmed in, together with automatic root cause analysis this provides sophisticated alert generation capabilities from day one. These alert events can be selectively routed to various messaging channels such as email, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. This basic routing functionality works well for small teams, but when it comes to large, complex organizational structures, a more nuanced on-call routing is required. For these environments Instana has integrated with VictorOps’ advanced event routing platform

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Results – Integrated Incident Management

The Instana events arrive in VictorOps indexed and ready to be actioned. Note under Annotations, the link back to the event in Instana.

Following the link takes you to Instana event details. From here the event can be investigated and remedial action taken.

Instana can be configured to provide basic event routing. For more advanced routing, escalation and call schedules forward events to VictorOps (link resides outside of for a complete incident response solution.

Setup VictorOps and Instana Integration

To get started using the VictorOps Instana integration, you can configure the VictorOps alerts from within the Instana UI. If you don’t already have an Instana account, you can simply start a free trial today.

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