PostgreSQL Observability
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PostgreSQL Observability and Performance Management

PostgreSQL is a relational database management server built to store data and handle calls on that data from associated applications and their servers. A number of specific features contribute to PostgreSQL’s popularity:

  • ACID-compliance
  • Easy extensibility
  • Queries on multi-format data as if they were tables (through foreign data wrappers)

Instana’s PostgreSQL monitoring sensor automatically detects PostgreSQL database instances, adding them into Dynamic Graph application model and map. The sensor will begin monitoring PostgreSQL availability, performance and other key metrics – including how PostgreSQL instances interact with other application components.

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PostgreSQL Performance and Configuration Metrics

Instana automatically gathers PostgreSQL performance metrics and configuration data, allowing DevOps, DBAs, or System Admins to ensure that each and every PostgreSQL instance is optimally configured and performing as expected. While optimization is across the full breadth of PostgreSQL metrics, there is a particular focus on storage and request service capabilities.

As a database, PostgreSQL must be able to securely process data requests while efficiently sorting and storing data sent to the database. Measuring those capabilities include these typical metrics:

  • Transactions
  • Cache Hit Ratio
  • Standby Conflicts

Please see Instana’s documentation for more details.

PostgreSQL Health Management

Instana monitors PostgreSQL internal operations to understand the overall health of the database, allowing Instana’s AI-Powered APM solution to determine whether any specific issue or incident is caused by data requesters or PostgreSQL, itself. Instana gathers PostgreSQL KPIs automatically and compares them to pre-set thresholds and targets (no monitoring configuration required); any PostgreSQL KPI that falls outside the rules is flagged as an issue (alerting operations users through emails, on-screen alerts and color-coded map elements).

This is especially helpful with PostgreSQL, since the database does not have an inherent bug sensor. See more details about Monitoring PostgreSQL .

PostgreSQL Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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