Consul Monitoring
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Consul Monitoring and Performance Management

HashiCorp Consul is a commonly used distributed key-value storage for service discovery and configuration management. Consul Monitoring is an important part of comprehensive infrastructure and microservice performance management.

To help DevOps optimize application performance and further automate performance management workflows, Instana’s automatic monitoring capabilities go beyond simple metrics:

  • Discovery of Consul instances
  • Automatic Consul configuration analysis
  • Visualization of Service dependency maps
  • Application monitoring for apps that use any Consul instance

Instana delivers the quickest and easiest way to monitor Consul clusters across the stack, including Health and performance. That requires performance visibility for the physical and/or virtual hosts, containers and cluster metrics. As with all microservice platforms, Instana also manages the applications and services making use of the Consul instance or cluster. Instana’s agent automatically discovers all Consul instances, deploys the monitoring sensor(s) and begins tracing every request through the cluster.

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Monitoring Consul Performance

The Instana Agent automatically identifies all running Consul instances – then automatically deploys and configures a Consul Monitoring sensor. The health of the cluster is automatically determined programmatically, since Instana knows which performance and configuration information are most relevant. To determine Consul Cluster health, additional metrics (such as cluster consistency) are also collected. With Instana’s automatic configuration collecting all relevant information, monitoring performance of Consul clusters couldn’t be easier.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and health signatures from the curated knowledge base, Instana automatically detects issues with individual Consul instances or Consul clusters. Based on severity, Instana automates incident escalation and root cause identification, helping you solve issues before users and services are impacted.

Consul Configuration Analysis

In addition to performance and health data, Instana also collects configuration data, giving Dev+Ops teams the data they need to correlate configuration data and updates with application and service performance information.

All Consul performance and configuration information is summarized in a single Consul Monitoring Dashboard, showing all relevant information in a single place for easy problem-solving and performance optimization.

Consul performance monitoring centers around service metrics and their interactions with other services or data stores. Instana automatically identifies and collects the relevant service metrics.

Consul Monitoring Data

Ensuring proper health and performance of Consul clusters requires two types of data – Configuration Data and Performance Metrics:

Further information on the different sensor information is available in the Instana Consul Management Documentation.

Configuration Data

  • Version
  • Datacenter
  • NodeName
  • Domain
  • Advertisement Address
  • Leader
  • Peers

Performance Metrics

  • Freed Heap Objects
  • Allocated Head Objects
  • Virtual Address Space
  • Garbage Collection Runs
  • Garbage Collection Pauses
  • Number of Go Routines
  • Bytes allocated by Consul
  • Time-To-Live Sessions
  • Autopilot: Health / Fault Tolerance
  • Raft (Consistency) Metrics
Consul Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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