AWS Kinesis Monitoring
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AWS Kinesis Monitoring and Performance Management

AWS Kinesis is an analytical streaming engine to collect, process and analyze real time data streams. Given that real time data analytics is a mission critical component of today’s applications performance and health insights is important, therefore Instana’s AWS Kinesis Monitoring offers comprehensive performance and health management.

AWS Kinesis plays an important role in applications that process any kind of data stream, making Amazon Kinesis monitoring a critical need for IT Operations, DevOps and Engineering teams. Instana’s automatic Amazon Kinesis Monitoring goes beyond simple metrics to provide a comprehensive set of management and monitoring features:

  • Discovery of AWS Kinesis configurations and data streams
  • Visualization of Service dependency maps
  • Tracing of requests across all systems (end-to-end traces)
  • Application and service health monitoring
  • Insight into running stream processing pipelines

Comprehensive AWS Kinesis Monitoring requires performance visibility for the Amazon Kineses Data Streams processes, data sources and sinks, as well as any applications and services using the data stream.

Instana is the quickest and easiest way to monitor AWS Kinesis Data Streams across the stack to deliver comprehensive application insights. The Instana agent automatically discovers all AWS Kinesis configurations, deploys the necessary monitoring sensors and begins tracing jobs, sources, sinks and requests. Instana also automatically determines the health of the processing jobs.

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Monitoring AWS Kinesis Performance

Instana’s single monitoring Agent automatically identifies any and all running AWS Kinesis Data Streams configurations – then automatically deploys and configures Instana’s Amazon Kinesis Monitoring sensor. The sensor’s internal knowledge base contains what performance metrics are relevant for collection and how to collect them. This includes any metrics necessary to confirm Amazon Kinesis infrastructure health. Since Instana’s automatic configuration collects all relevant information, monitoring AWS Kinesis couldn’t be easier.

To determine overall service health, the Instana AWS Kinesis Monitoring sensor also collects KPIs on the monitored AWS environment, services and applications to determine overall health status.

Instana’s AI-assisted troubleshooting automatically detects issues in the streaming system, whether the problem is with individual AWS Kinesis configurations or processing pipelines and issues service incidents. Instana automates incident escalation and automatically identifies the probable root cause identification, helping you solve issues before users are impacted.

Monitoring AWS Kinesis Configurations

In addition to performance and health data, the AWS Kinesis Monitoring sensor also collects service and pipeline configuration data, allowing Instana to analyze and correlate configuration data and changes with application and service performance information.

The Amazon Kinesis Monitoring Dashboard displays summarized AWS KInesis performance and configuration information displaying all relevant AWS Kinesis information in a single place for easy problem-solving and performance optimization.

Any Amazon Kinesis configuration changes are detected automatically, in real-time. These change events are correlated to any Amazon Kinesis issues or application / service incidents, helping to facilitate even quicker problem resolution.

AWS Kinesis Data Streams performance monitoring centers around service and pipeline metrics, as well as their interactions with other services, data sources or data sinks. Instana automatically identifies and collects the relevant service metrics.

AWS Kinesis Monitoring Data

Instana AWS Kinesis Monitoring includes three types of data; Configuration Data, Performance Data and Health Signatures:

Further information on the different sensor information is available in the
Instana AWS Kinesis Management Documentation.

Configuration Data

  • Name
  • ARN
  • Status
  • Encryption Type
  • Retention Period
  • Creation Time
  • Grouping Zone

Performance Data

  • Iterator Age
  • Latency
  • Records
  • Success
  • Incoming Bytes
  • Incoming Records
  • Outgoing Bytes
  • Outgoing Records

Health Signatures

  • Read Provisioned Throughput Exceeded
  • Write Provisioned Throughput Exceeded
  • Subscribe To Shard Rate Exceeded
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