Amazon EKS
Full-Stack Amazon EKS Observability, Monitoring and Performance Management

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is Amazon’s Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) offering in the marketplace. Amazon EKS provides a fully managed Kubernetes (K8s) control plane across multiple availability zones, leaving the user to configure Amazon EC2 worker nodes via auto scaling groups to handle the workload. To help optimize Amazon EKS application performance and automate performance management workflows, Instana’s automatic Amazon EKS Observability goes beyond simple metrics to provide comprehensive Cloud, Kubernetes, Infrastructure, Application, and Service monitoring capabilities:

  • Discovery of Kubernetes nodes and deployed services
  • Automatic code instrumentation and tracing for Java, Node, .NET and more
  • Automatic mapping of applications, containers, and Kubernetes clusters
  • Tracing of all end-to-end requests across all systems and services
  • Application, Service, Infrastructure, Kubernetes, and Cloud health monitoring

Comprehensive application observability and performance monitoring within Amazon EKS environments requires performance visibility for the virtual hosts, running pods, containers, and orchestration, and any applications and services deployed on the cluster.

Instana’s automated Application Monitoring is the quickest and easiest way to monitor Amazon EKS across the stack to deliver comprehensive application insights. The Instana agent automatically discovers all Kubernetes instances, deployed service technologies, deploys the necessary monitoring sensors, and begins tracing applications and requests. Instana also automatically determines the health of the Amazon EKS cluster.

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Instana Supports Amazon EKS Anywhere

Instana supports Amazon EKS Anywhere, a new add-on and deployment option from AWS that allows customers to create Kubernetes clusters on their own on-premise infrastructure.

Automatic Amazon EKS Performance Monitoring

Once deployed, the Instana Agent automatically identifies all running Kubernetes nodes, deploying a fully configured Kubernetes Monitoring sensor. Instana’s curated knowledge base knows what performance metrics are relevant for collection and how to collect them. To monitor the Amazon EKS service cluster health, additional metrics are also collected. Since Instana’s automatic configuration collects all relevant information, monitoring a hosted Kubernetes cluster couldn’t be easier.

To determine overall service health, the Instana Monitoring sensors also collect KPIs on the monitored Amazon EKS cluster environment to determine its health status.

With the help of health signatures from Instana’s curated knowledge base, Instana automatically detects issues inside the Kubernetes cluster and service incidents. Based on severity, Instana automates incident escalation and root cause identification, helping you solve issues before users are impacted.

Amazon EKS Configuration Monitoring

In addition to performance and health data, Instana’s Kubernetes Monitoring sensor also collects configuration data for Kubernetes, pods, and containers, allowing Instana to analyze and correlate configuration data and changes with application and service performance information. When coupled with Observability data from the applications (performance metrics, traces, profiles, etc.), a complete view of services and dependencies – within context of each other – emerges to help Dev+Ops teams understand where problems are and how to solve them.

All Kubernetes performance and configuration information is summarized in a single Monitoring Dashboard, showing all relevant information in a single place for easy problem-solving and performance optimization.

Instana Agent Installation: Getting Started

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