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Visual of an application stack with performance monitoring dashboards for erroneous call rates, mean latency and calls per second.
Why IBM Instana Observability? Get answers from the best: Request your free demo today 1-second observability

Every metric Instana collects is at 1-second resolution. This combined with the 3-second mean time to notification (MTTN) ensures faster detection and resolution.

> 50% MTTR reduction

Threshold-based smart alerts, automatic detection and correlation of events, issues and service incidents along with automatic identification of each incident’s likely root cause result in the fastest mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Simple and transparent Pricing

You get all the value at half the cost with no surprises. A host, or managed virtual server (MVS), is the unit of measure by which IBM Instana can be licensed. It can comprise of physical machines, virtual servers or worker nodes.

What to expect during the demo
In a short call, our technical specialist in India will:
  • Detail the Instana solution architecture and deployment options for your needs
  • Explain how Instana does real-time data collection and analytics
  • Give an overview of the AI and ML engine behind the scene that helps in proactive monitoring and auto remediations
  • Address how DevOps and SRE teams can leverage unbounded analytics and contextual information about an incident
  • Cover the Instana licensing model
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What IBM Instana Observability can do for you Expertise at your fingertips: Request your free demo today DevOps/SRE

DevOps-centric application performance monitoring (APM) offering automated monitoring, comprehensive application management, real-time insights and tangible value to all the stakeholders.


Streamline and automate all aspects of your monitoring process, ensuring reliable performance and optimal user experience across cloud and on-premises applications, as well as underlying infrastructure and services.


Enable real-time visibility and swift issue resolution, reducing troubleshooting time by up to 50% for all teams. Limit unnecessary spending by quickly identifying and addressing problems in your environment.

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