IBM Inspector Wearable

IBM Inspector Wearable is a mobile app that enables you to perform remote, hands-free visual inspections with RealWear HMT-1 assisted reality devices. This combination of capabilities can help your teams rapidly identify defects and issues by capturing images through the use of a head-mounted display.

How it's used

Quick installation

Quick installation

IBM Inspector Wearable app can be easily installed on RealWear headsets and run computer vision models on the device in order to enable hands-free inspections.

Hands-free inspection

Hands-free inspection

Allows employees to perform hands-free inspections with a simple voice command and head gesture functionality that RealWear HMT-1 devices provide, even in high noise environments.

Seamless workflow

Seamless workflow

Uses complex computer vision models that are developed on IBM Services Software Model Builder for Vision, a deep-learning platform dedicated to support the mobile apps in the IBM Services Software Inspection Suite.



AI-enabled hands-free visual inspections

Computer vision

Use AI models for object detection and image classification.

Edge computing

Perform on-device AI inference.


Enable users to conduct inspections using voice commands.

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