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IBM® DataStage® products offer industry-leading real-time data integration for access to trusted data across data lakes and multicloud and hybrid cloud environments for AI. Real-time analytics is now easier than ever, with a cloud-native architecture built on containers and microservices and a best-of-breed parallel engine. DataStage solutions can be deployed on hyperconverged systems such as IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, as a managed service on IBM Cloud®, or on premises.

IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data allows you to simplify operations by automating and accelerating administration tasks to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and meet business service-level agreements (SLAs). Avoid vendor lock-in by deploying on any cloud or multicloud environment, and leverage industry-leading security, reliability and scalability from Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Accelerate DataOps and AI innovation through automated integration templates and seamless out-of-the-box integration with governance, BI, data virtualization and data science services with IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Read the DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data solution brief (PDF, 232 KB)

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IBM DataStage webinar series

Find out how modern capabilities, built on containers in IBM DataStage, can help reduce IT costs while gaining real-time customer insights.

G2 Gives: Donate USD 10 to Girls Who Code

Seven minutes of your time unlocks a USD 10 donation to Girls Who Code, in partnership with IBM DataStage.

Tech Talk: Innovations in IBM Data Integration and DataStage

Learn about new capabilities in IBM DataStage that can run on containers and OpenShift on a cloud-native architecture.


Reduce workload execution time

Run your workloads faster and more efficiently with built-in workload balancing and a parallel engine to handle high volumes of data on any cloud.

Meet mission-critical SLAs

Automate and accelerate administration tasks through automatic failure detection and resolution, letting users focus on higher value tasks.

Accelerate AI initiatives

Reduce the time it takes to deliver AI initiatives and speed up time to innovate by making high-quality data available in real time.

Reduce your TCO

Improve operational efficiencies with container-based deployment and automated CI/CD pipelines for jobs from development to test to production.

Modernize your data warehouses

Remove network bottlenecks and optimize load times with colocated IBM Netezza® or IBM Db2® Warehouse on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.

Secure your data

Help avoid data security breaches and reach the right customers at the right time through pervasive data quality and security.

Key features

Design once, run anywhere with built-in workload balancing, parallelism and dynamic scalability

Separate the design from the runtime to run remote jobs where your data resides. A parallel engine optimizes extract, transform and load (ETL) performance, and automatic load balancing maximizes throughput while scaling with your data volumes.

Automated delivery pipelines to release jobs to production

Container-based integration components along with git-based source control tooling allow for automation of CI/CD pipelines for jobs from dev to test to production.

User-friendly design with infused ML capabilities and rich set of connectors and transformations

IBM DataStage Flow Designer, with infused machine learning capabilities, built-in search and prebuilt connectors and transformations, allows you to quickly create and run DataStage jobs and connect with governance.

In-flight data quality and data security for trusted data delivery

Automatically resolve quality issues using IBM InfoSphere® QualityStage® when data is ingested by target environments such as data lakes. Provide metadata support for policy-driven access to sensitive data.

Seamless integration with Netezza, Db2 and other warehouses

Prebuilt connectors allow you to quickly connect and move data between cloud data sources and IBM data warehouses on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.

Job templates to auto-generate jobs

Quickly create reusable job templates to auto-generate jobs and use custom rules to enforce patterns.

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