Take control of your IMS Transaction Manager environment

IBM® IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack for z/OS® includes a set tools that are designed to help you manage and monitor your IMS Transaction Manager within a z/OS-based environment. You can improve application resource changes, enhance the manageability of workloads, manage message queues and more.


Save time

Perform processes faster and consume less CPU time for IMS application resource changes (transactions, programs, databases and route codes) in a single-step batch job or online.

Manage IMS systems with greater ease

Manage multiple IMS systems in a sysplex or IMSplex environment; view IMS sysplex and IMSplex information through a single interface; and automate the handling of specific error situations.

Reduce costs

Decrease the expense of managing system parameters. Use a centralized approach that makes resource and parameter configurations more accessible to programmers working with IMS systems.

Operations analytics

Expose near real-time IMS Connect transaction summary data to analytics engines.

Analyze transaction performance

Use IMS Problem Investigator to browse sections in the IMS log where poorly performing transactions are found.

IBM IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack for z/OS components

  • IMS High Performance System Generation Tools for z/OS
  • IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS
  • IMS Queue Control Facility for z/OS
  • IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS
  • IMS Extended Terminal Option Support for z/OS
  • IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS