Tools included with IMS System Management for z/OS

IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS

Log changes and enable deployment of changes to dozens of global sites. Reduce the cost of implementing DRD and managing system parameters and MODBLK resources. Standardize the administration of your configuration and obtain a complete audit history of all changes. You can protect definitions with robust and granular access control and achieve faster time to production of new IMS™ applications.

IMS Connect Extensions

Automate responses to workload changes and processing capacity. Use a graphical interface to perform operations. Monitor and control from a distributed workstation and issue Type-1 commands from ISPF command shell and graphical console. Simplify the deployment of IBM® WebSphere® and SOAP clients. Create reports with IBM IMS™ Performance Analyzer for z/OS®. Solve problems with IBM IMS Problem Investigator for z/OS and view reports of TCP/IP activity with IBM OMEGAMON® XE for IMS on z/OS.

IMS ETO Support

Manage, implement, customize and exploit the benefits of ETO and enable customization. Format ‘sign on required’ and ‘sign on complete’ and supply your own MFS format name. Automatically clean up terminal sessions and perform IMS command security authorization. Set global options and enable users to define new terminals.
Supports multiple versions of IMS, 3270 terminals and printers, SLU1 consoles, SLU3 devices, LU6.1 sessions, SLUTYPEP sessions, remote LTERM names, and OTMA LTERM names.

IMS Program Restart Facility

Automatically assign most recent checkpoint ID to jobs restarted because of abnormal termination and force an extended restart for all jobs that require restart. Helps ensure proper log data set and the proper checkpoint ID are used for restart. Bypass checkpoint processing, flag non-zero return code as an abend and hold and restart a BMP through operator commands— without stopping the job.

The IBM IMS Queue Control Facility

Run functions on multiple CECs within a sysplex with other IMS Queue Control Facility servers. Automatically detect an IMS cold start or worm start and initiate re-queue. Define up to 10 areas of the total queue space to monitor for small or large messages. Provides overflow protection, message processing and recovery and maintenance functions.

IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS

Designed to display real-time data generated by IMS, data related to CSL components and data in Coupling Facility (CF) structures. Views and deletes IMSplex Resource Manager structure entries and monitors destination queue depths—and views IMS Connect in component list display. Observes IRLM long locks and views IRLM statistics. Controls IMS system operations in a sysplex environment and helps define transactions. Deletes multiple RM structure entries and collects dumps of IMS address spaces.

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